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The Twitter Boomshell – No More Share Count
November 25, 2015


You might be seeing a recent change on the blog via share counts taking a bit of a hit. My blog used to see 100 + shares on twitter when doing a new blog post (and still does) however Twitter released a serious bombshell just recently in their blog post Hard Decisions For A Sustainable Platform.

This has of course started a recent rampage of outrage of why twitter would even think about doing this! Myself included, I love seeing my share counts and it also gives me a good idea on how much my readers appreciate a blog post I have created (Thank you for that)

twitter-stock-screenshotWhile there are many speculations about why Twitter has decided to to this what seems to be clear to me based on their stock history so far and from what has been presented in their blog posts is they simply just do not have the resources to hold this count API anymore.

This should allow twitter to cut expenses thus pleasing share holders (which is seems to be doing here in the last day or two since this change has gone live)

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Click the above to spread the word and help support us bloggers who want to have our share counts back! Thank you



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There are 2 comments

  • Marcus Wahl says:

    Sorry to hear the news Sean. Looks like a classic stand off. Company profits vs. user experience. If enough people share their opinion against I bet they would listen. Thanks for the info.

  • Sean Supplee says:

    I hope so seems kind of strange that every other social network has the counts but Twitter. I am sure there are many like myself that love stats even if it is a simple share count of the blog.