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Traffic Leads and Sales
March 9, 2010

Traffic leads and sales is what its all about right?

Being able to build yourself a list of leads is what makes you stand apart from other affiliate marketers and other business owners. A list in which you can promote to can produce amazing results sales wise in little time. Today I have the unique chance in inviting my readers to join a revolutanry program that will help you build your list and produce extra income for you.

The site is called Traffic Leads and Sales which you can join 100% Free at Join Traffic Leads and Sales. When you join, it really is key to take up one of the one time offers you will be presented with. This is going to unlock a huge bonus for you of earning 100% commissions from anyone you directly refer to the site.

Here is how it works, for each new member you bring in they start to promote their own referral url and start filling up your 10 by 6 matrix. Each of these new sign ups will be presented a gift, 6 in all each of which will sign them up with a new newsletter to join. Because these new sign ups are in your downline you will be getting them on your mailing list.

The site works with many auto responders such as AWeber and TrafficWave, both of which come with a one month trial. AWeber is $1 the first month while traffic wave is free for the first month.

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