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Traffic – Where The Money Is
January 17, 2011

When it comes to marketing and making money online as an affiliate or business owner there is one key thing that makes or breaks that company. That one thing is what we call traffic. Any business you see today looks for prime busy spots to place their business. While brick and mortar companies place ads on billboards on major highways and set up their building on heavy traveled roads, its your job to find these busy avenues of traffic online and start funneling it towards your business storefront (your website).

While there are literally thousands of areas to get traffic from most cost money and end up having you track and research to make sure that avenue of traffic is paying for it self and some. The most popular ones online being PPC such as Google adwords and facebook ads, CPA marketing paying per action and buying banner ad spots on other sites such as blogs. While these can be great sources of traffic and income it takes a good deal of start up money and time to manage and figure out what is working and what is not.

To me I like to split these into four basic categories they are… Free Traffic, Cheap Traffic, Risk-Free Traffic, Premium Traffic.

Free Traffic

Deals exclusively with SEO and content management. There is a great deal of time and effort that goes into building free traffic for your business. Creating articles and submitting them to your own blog, others blogs as a guest post and article directories. Instead of spending money you are instead trading off in the time it takes you to create this content. Gearing your content towards popular keywords is a great investment to make. Either spend the time to do some SEO studies of your own or hire someone to make your posts more SEO friendly.

Cheap Traffic

Low cost traffic less then 50 cents a visitor centers around paying for ads on such sites as Google adwords, Facebook and other networks. Instead of creating content to rank for keywords you are now paying a few pennies to have your site listed for that keyword. It is important to track and understand this traffic so you can see what you should be paying per click. Track your conversions to your list and how many sales it is making so you can figure out your average cost per click.

Risk-Free Traffic

This centers around affiliate marketers and CPA networks. By adding an affiliate promotions area to your business model other people will promote and recommend your product or service to their friends and their own lists. On top of that you can use CPA (Cost per action) or CPS (Cost per sale). CPA sets a price you pay per opt in, once you have figured out what you are making off each person that opts in you can find a price to set for your CPA offer. The reason this is risk free is you are paying no up front costs unless an action has been taken. That action can be an opt in to your list or an actual sale made.

Commercial Traffic

This is main stream  traffic that big businesses use. However with new sites like and you can now get in on the action with a low start up cost. This spot covers media buying which is placing your ads on others websites. Some of these sites receive thousands upon millions of visitors every day. You can even place your ad on sites like MSN or Yahoo and even put a commercial on TV via Goolge ads. While these are the highest cost ads they are still very reachable. By following these 4 traffic sources in order you will have a very good understanding on what your target  audience is and what your cost per opt in or cost per sale is. This will greatly aid you when you reach commercial traffic.

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