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Tribe Pro Equals More Blog Traffic Honest Review
April 27, 2011

Note: This is an honest and tested review of Tribe Pro

One of the hardest factors any new blogger faces is gaining exposure for their posts and creating what I like to call a viral effect. Once people start to comment and share your content you no longer need to worry about back linking and other things. By creating a social network share you gain more exposure and a higher celebrity status.

I use to do much of this on my own and even outsource it which took up a good deal of money and time out of my day with minimal results. What I needed was a way to get people to share my content with their friends and give my blog a good push in the right direction.

I stumbled across a program called Tribe Pro which has a free membership level and 2 different upgraded levels. After reviewing the site and the well thought out tutorials I was quickly on my feet and made the decision to go pro and give this site an honest run.

There are a few important things to know about free and upgraded membership. Free membership allows you to earn points by manually sharing peoples blog posts via twitter, facebook and a share button. After you have enough points you can then add a blog post of your own to have others share your content. This does take a good deal of time and I did try it at first. For the amount of time it took after a day or two I decided to go Pro and put everything on autopilot.

Check out Tribe Pro by clicking here

Pro membership allowed me to create my own tribe which acts as a list builder to. So far I have received about 25 opt ins to my list via tribe pro to my aweber list. Pro membership also allows you to use Onlywire to do your bookmarking for you. Setting up an Onlywire account and tying all your accounts to it takes some time but is well worth it. Once set up there is minimal work to keep it updated. With the upgrade I can join as many others tribes as I want and have any new blog posts I make auto submitted to the tribe as long as I have the credits to do so.

Auto syndicating is another feature for pro members which allows you to put your credit earning on auto pilot. When you auto syndicate someone, every time they make a new post in the tribe it will submit it to your Onlywire account and earn you credits towards having your content posted. It’s always good to ask those that you are syndicating to syndicate you in return to maximize your exposure even more. While this did take me about a week to set up and talk to others and get them to syndicate with me I now get 100 + backlinks to each post I make thanks to tribe pro. These are solid backlinks on social networks which Google now counts highly compared to traditional methods such as article marketing.

The only negative to this site is the current methods of communicating with others within the tribe, is a bit complicated. What I like to do instead is connect with them by leaving them a message on their profile and then talking with them on twitter, facebook or skype. While the monthly membership is a bit of a cost I do feel it is well worth it if you are serious about growing your business and reputation online though blogging.

This is my honest review of Tribe Pro which you can check out by clicking here.

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