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October 15, 2015

Over my 15 years total online so far there have been many new, improved and old burnt out methods of driving traffic. But just like old fashions some times they come back with a flare!

Every month I spend a good amount of money buying up ads to send to my sites including my blog. The key is always to get my website out in front of as much traffic as possible. Below are a few methods which I used currently to do this.

Content Networks

These sites have honestly become my number one place to buy ads on for my blog. These sites solely promote my blogs and nothing else in terms of a static website or funnel.

What is a content network?

CNN Outbrain Content NetworkJust like search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing etc content networks act much the same however are specifically geared to promote content like blogs, articles and similar types of content.

You might have seen content ads on sites like CNN, MSN, Forbes etc. These ads are normally shown towards the bottom of the article net to related posts. These content networks might have a few crazy stories in them but from what I have seen legitimate blogs with quality content end up getting some much needed

In the picture above this is an example from CNN ads published by a company called Outbrain. There are other such networks such as Zemanta and SimpleReach. Most of these networks run off of a CPC (Cost Per Click) system where you input your max you want to pay per click. Of course the higher it is the more your ads will be seen.

PTC Or Paid To Click

While not a new means of advertising at all PTC or Paid To Click sites have been around since I first started marketing online. In fact it where I pretty much started making money online, how crazy is that!

This just goes to show you that you can reach quality leads via these networks. Those brand new online and eager to get start making money online are flooded on these types of networks. It is the prime spot to link in and start collecting leads and selling products to.

Some of my most responsive PTC sites have been this year Traffic Monsoon (Traffic Monsoon Review) and Clixsense.

With these types of ads you are paying a few cents to a partial cent for a member of their network to view your ad. The amount you pay of course determines how long that person is required to view your page.

*TIP – while paying a small amount via micro ads might seem like more bang for your buck from testing I have found the 30 second ads to out perform and make it worth the extra cost. Be sure to target the audience as much as possible that the ad network provides you with.

Solo Ads

This method become really hot about 3 years ago and people where making a killing in it. However whenever there is money to be made the cheaters and scam artists always seem to step it. This is why it is very important to now get feedback and reviews of those who provide solo ads.

What is a solo ad?

Solo ads are where you pay per lead or per click via newsletter ads. These solo ads range in cost per click from about $0.25 to $1 or more when targeting tier 1 counties. (Tier 1 counties are USA, UK, AU and a few others you will need to check with the solo ad provider for what they consider Tier1)

Where is a good spot to find solo ads?

Soload-ReviewsSome solo ad providers will have posted reviews on their site where they sell them. However I never like to trust them even though it is against the law to publish fake testimonials there are still some that do!

One of the best places to search is on Warrior forum Solos ads area. This will paint a good picture and have honest reviews from other warriors on the forum.

Another great site I have found is called Soload-Review. This site allows for real feedback from those who have ordered ads. you can also see what niches you should promote to these lists and find yourself a good fit.

The only down fall to solo ads such as this is after you spend so much you most likely have tapped out the entire list. I call this a limited source of traffic. Its good but eventually you will run out.

In closing

While these are just 3 areas I have gone over there are of course many others. I have given you some feedback on what I have found to work best for myself, however with anything I recommend you should always test yourself and realize these are my own personal recommendations. You should always do your own testing or consult an expert in the field before taking action. Be smart with your money test, work hard and go for your dreams.

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