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Use Your Own Sales Funnel Or Not To?
February 21, 2013

Lately I have received a number of questions on this topic and even had a great talk about it on a Facebook group.

Should you work on your own sales funnel or use an existing one?

If your new to marketing then I recommend you use someone else’s sales funnel and get paid a commission based off of your leads.There is a lot of work and dedication that goes into creating a successful sales funnel. It requires constant tweaking to maximize your results and a large amount of understanding triggers that get people to act. I recommend either following one of my systems I have created such as Power Surf Central, Making Money Online With Sean or List Siphon. Each target different sections of the internet marketing world and you will see how I write my emails to get results and how the overall sales funnel is set up. It’s a good idea to learn the terms other popular marketers use in their emails, upsells, downsells, sales pages and more. After you spend time learning it you can start writing up your own emails, capturing leads and even build your own sales funnel if you want.

It’s not required for you to build your own funnel to make serious money online, to be honest with you I know many successful affiliates that do nothing more then promote others products and make a killing from it. Building a sense of trust with your readers of your blog or email list is important. Be sure you review every product you recommend to others yourself first. Once you build this trust the sales will follow as more and more people begin to follow you and hang on your word wondering what your honest and trustworthy review will say about it.

All you need to figure out is how much money and time you are willing to invest in your online efforts. But the most important thing off all is to commit to it and do the work that is required in order to make a successful living online. It’s not for everyone, but those that do it right and believe in themselves will get ahead and see results.

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  • Good resources, Sean. Personally Ive done nothing but promote other peoples products on my sites. I never thought I would be very good at writing a series of emails. I assumed people had enough junk cluttering their inbox. But lately with all the changes to SEO I need to take another look at this.