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Using Google Trends For Your Niche Blogging
June 15, 2010

It’s often times hard and time consuming to try and figure out what to blog about. In fact I have been stuck myself countless times. This is why I created this blog post to give you ideas where to look when your feeling stuck not knowing what to write about.

A popular choice is to visit Google trends which you can view at Google Trends. Here you will find a list of the top ten hottest topics for today in the USA and top searches for today. Scan through these popular topics and try to find one which you can incorporate into your blog. You will also want to look for topics that are not just one hit wonders, meaning they are going to stay on the hot searches or topics for a few weeks at best.

When blogging about this new topic be sure to input the keyword which was found on Google trends. This will maximize your chances to be ranked for this popular search term gaining you a high amount of traffic. The more topics you can find that relate to your niche the more traffic you can expect.

After creating your post there are a few things you will want to do with your new blog post which you can find on this blog at How to ping my blog.

Top Searches For Today…

  1. Gulf of Mexico You’d expect the disaster in the Gulf to be covered by blogs on environmentalism, marine biology, perhaps even business and politics, but PopEatermanaged to find a way to bring this ecological story into the realm of pop culture in “”An Interview With the Guy Skewering BP on Twitter.”
  2. World Cup – The Next Web‘s “World Cup fever? Here are 5 apps to keep you on top of things“ took what would traditionally be a sports story and moved it into the technology space by focusing on related apps rather than the event itself.
  3. Steve Jobs -“ Jobs’s highly anticipated World Wide Developers Conference talk unveiled the iPhone 4 and was covered widely by technology blogs but Star Trek blog was able to make the event relevant to their readers by focusing on the Star Trek references in the talk and technology from the show and movie in “Steve Jobs Invokes Star Trek (Again) While Unveiling 4th Gen iPhone.”
  4. Helen Thomas – While political bloggers obsessed over Thomas’s offensive comments, women’s blog Jezebel covered the story by discussing what Thomas’s undignified fall meant for a woman who had been an icon and inspiration to women everywhere in its post “Helen Thomas: When An Icon Disappoints [Iconography].
  5. MTV Movie Awards – Rather than approaching this star-studded event from the usual entertainment blogger’s perspective, gay blog AutoStraddle‘s “MTV Movie Awards 2010 Celebrate Lesbian Innuendo, Swearing, Twilight“ made the awards more relevant to their readers by honing in on the 10 most homosexual moments of the MTV Movie Awards 2010.”
  6. Rue McClanahan While many television and entertainment bloggers focused on McClanahan’s television and theater legacy, Ecorazzi‘s ‘RIP: Actress And Longtime Animal-Advocate Rue McClanahan Dies At 76‘ brought the story to their ecologically conscious demographic by focusing on the actor’s animal rights work.
  7. Lady Gaga – On a week when Lady Gaga’s latest music video was on everyone’s lips, Social Psychology Eye‘s post “Facing illness, belief helps“ skillfully worked the pop icon into the blog by discussing the psychological implications of Gaga’s recent revelation that she had been tested for lupus, undoubtedly earning them quite a few more readers than they would’ve gotten on a straightforward academic post on illness perception.
  8. Rush Limbaugh – Rather than obsessing about the details of Limbaugh’s wedding, as many entertainment bloggers did, The Daily Beast” ‘Celebrity Wedding Singers’ took Elton John’s unexpected role as Limbaugh’s wedding singer and created a list post that broadened the appeal of the story.
  9. Israel – Music bloggers aren’t the most expected source of news from Israel, but several, including Drowned in Sound with its post “Bands cancel shows following Israel’s flotilla raid“ covered what is essentially a political and international affairs story in a way that created value for their music-obsessed readers.
  10. Harry Potter While film bloggers were busy dissecting the latest Harry Potter trailer, travel blog Gadling put its own spin on the popular character with “London mayor rails against Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s Florida location.”

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