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Using HeatMap Themes For Better Adsense Conversions
October 11, 2012

There was a time a few years back when a WordPress Adsense Theme was all you needed to make money online. This brought an onslaught of niche premium WordPress themes and I tried quite a few of them. What I quickly found was they all lacked what I was looking for in one way or another. Raise your hand if you have ever bought a premium WordPress theme only to discover that once you purchased it you were on your own and the so called award winning support ignored you. If you are new to building your own websites that is a ‘HUGE’ red flag and its how 90% of theme sales site treat you. Past that there were many of them that overcharged and under delivered by charging on a per site basis and considering themselves WordPress Adsense Themes even though they didn’t have any more widget spots than a normal free theme. Back to the drawing board I went and in my search I now knew exactly what I was looking for by having found so many that were not. By sharing my list here my hope is that you don’t have to go through what I did and you make the right choice for your needs both in the present and for your future.

What To Look For In A WordPress Adsense Theme

First off even though they are classified as WordPress Adsense Themes I wanted one that had more flexibility to it making it more of a complete affiliate theme with the flexibility to create any sort of page I desired from a simple landing page to a full fledge blog. Past that it had to have these features;

  1. One Time Purchase– if I pay you I better be able to use it as many times as I like for that one price because charging on a site by site basis is highway robbery.
  2. Import/Export– once I find a setup for certain types of niche sites, Adsense or affiliate product, can I export that setup and then create a new site easily by importing it to a new domain. A ‘HUGE’ time saver.
  3. Easy Design– how easily I can customize the look, is there anything in the admin panel that will allow me to make minor code changes without digging through the actual code.
  4. Support– do you have an active forum where my questions are answered in a timely fashion and on top of that when they are answered will you be understanding that I’m not a programmer and not treat me like I am stupid for asking questions. Do you have a manual that clearly shows step by step how to get my site set up and a clear explanation of all features.
  5. The Most Widget Spots– only having widget spots on the sidebar and a few other locations is just not enough to allow for honing in on the absolute best setup for conversions. I want to virtually be able to place ads by copy/paste/widget almost anywhere on the page.
  6. Full Admin Panel– an easy to understand admin panel for all of the features the theme has that integrates nicely into the normal WordPress admin panel.
  7. SEO Ready– do you have any SEO features integrated into the theme or is it easily compatible with the major SEO plugins.

Now that I had my list of these features I required in my WordPress Adsense Theme I simply started to Google them and see what results came up. A trend started to appear and The Heatmap Theme was showing up in most results so I took a closer look at it and fired off some questions through the contact form (always a great way to test support before making a purchase).

What I quickly learned was The Heatmap Theme was ‘Everything I Required And More’. This theme is so packed with features and usability for even beginners that it’s just not possible for me to list them all. If you are ready to step up your niche site and Adsense site building to fine tune your setup and boost your earnings then I highly recommend you check out what is hands down the best overall product in the WordPress Adsense Theme genre and beyond, The Heatmap Theme.

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