Affiliate Marketing
Using social media to maximize your ROI
September 3, 2011

Social media continues to play a valid roll in any business, especially network marketing. Over the years with the increase of new social networks coming into play such as Google +, Instagram and foursquare, to name a few, they have become a wide part of everyday life. Using and interacting with these tools and sites can further increase your own exposure to others but more importantly having your business talked about on these networks can result in added exposure and an increase in customers.

This is when customer service and providing value come into play. If your not providing your best then you should not be in this business. However if your giving it your all people will see this and provide valid feedback and share their experience they have had on these social networks. This will increase your overall social networking income and provide you with a ROI value.

For any site you own or business you might have it’s important to provide your customers with ways to share about your business. This can be done via a number of methods such as: Facebook fan pages, Twitter hash tags, trending topics that deal with your business and other methods that make it easy for others to view what the review is about and how to then access your site or business.

Understanding and using social media share buttons and hash tags is important and can increase your exposure by a high percent based on the amount of exposure from others sharing messages about your site. This is why it is important to include these share and like buttons within your blog and within your website at various key points. These key points could be your welcome page and your products page.

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