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Webinar Funnel With ClickFunnels
November 29, 2019

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Webinars are a powerful tool to use for marketing your business. They are a key element when taking cold traffic and warming them up to buying your product or service.

The webinar funnel I go over in the video below is one that has gone through many tests and has for myself converted the best.

The key elements of this funnel type are…

Preframing – This is a key element of the sales flow that takes your cold traffic and gets them ready to learn about what you will be going over in your up coming webinar. The preframe is build in a way to take someone that has no idea about what you offer and helps them understand why it can be of benefit to come to your webinar, learn more and purchase.

AutoWebinar – Once the live webinar is over with a few clicks your webinar now becomes an auto webinar. That means any lingering traffic still flowing to the webinar sign up form from your promotions don’t miss out and can potential lead to sales as well. You could continue to promote the webinar and still garner the high quality results you did on launch day.

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