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What is a sales funnel and why your business needs one today
November 15, 2016

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Over 15 years of marketing online and one thing that is ground breaking beyond any thing else is the idea of a funnel. You may have already built your own funnel and not even realized it, but starting today you can systematically produce sales funnels, membership funnels and webinar funnels on the fly!

What is a sales funnel ?

A sales funnel is a series of pages in which the end result is to take your visitor an convert them into a lead or customer to fuel your business. We see this in action today with full blow websites, follow up emails and oto offers (one time offer).

However there really was no clear path in which you where building for your visitors. Your visitor could land on any number of pages that make up your website and not flow through your “funnel” system  you setup.

How do we go about getting around that and what are the benefits?

By building a true funnel system for your visitors you eliminate all other possible options for your visitor once they reach your page. You have one central goal of your funnel and that is to sell your product or service, have them join a program under you or join an affiliate program you are promoting. In all of these cases a funnel can and should be used.

Your sales funnel will be a list of pages ranging from your lead capture page to your order confirmation page. In the screenshot below this is an example of what a membership sales funnel could look like.


As you can see this funnel is a list of pages in which is what our visitors will take. At first we are grabbing their basic information such as name and email (maybe even phone number) then progressing them right after that to the sales page where we push the product we are selling. In this case it is an upgraded package for core funnel blueprints. After the order has been triggered they proceed to an OTO page and if they say no to this OTO offer they are presented with a downsell offer.

These OTO(one time offer) pages work amazing on click funnels by providing one click orders. Once we capture the new customers information on the order form page they can single click on the OTO pages and will not be asked for billing information again.

After that the end result which is access to the membership area where they then gain access only to the products they have ordered.

Start Building Funnels Today Get Your 14 Day Free Trial Here

What are the benefits of setting up a funnel such as this?

Being able to target your Facebook ads and other ads to specific products and services allows you to better target your audience who are interested in buying your product right now. This gives you the ability to save on advertising costs.

When you join up for Click Funnels via the button below not only are you getting a 14 day free trial but you are also going to get a number of prebuilt funnels in which you can use and edit. You also have full access to everything that ClickFunnels has to offer.

Start Building Funnels Today Get Your 14 Day Free Trial Here

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  • Without a proper sales funnel 95% or more of people will fail online!
    This is greatly needed content, because most people fail to act on creating a converting funnel.
    Keep up the great content Sean!