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What Is Klout Score
March 12, 2011
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Is your Klout score up to par?

Klout is a fun site to use when your looking to see your overall influence on the twitter community. It’s a measure of different things such as your list site, retweets, comments, likers and more to give you an overall score out of 100 with 100 being the highest score possible. Lets get into finding out what your klout score is and what it all means. You will need to connect you twitter account to klout by visiting their website at Once you have done so you will be on your Klout Summary tab which will give you your overall score and any achievements you have earned.

Possible achievements you can earn…

List Membership – How many other people have created a list on twitter and added you to it. A good idea of how many people filter their tweets into lists. To increase this number tell your followers and friends how to create a list as many do not know it even exists.

Total Retweets – How many times something of yours was retweeted. The best way to increase your achievement here is to create helpful tweets to your followers.

Unique Retweeters – Number of unique people that have retweeted your message. This ones grunt work, you will need to place buttons on you blog posts etc in order to build this number up.

Unique Mentioners – How many people put the @YourTwitterID If you own a site and have a retweet button make sure it has an @YourTwitterID at the end or beginning of it.

Unique Message Retweets – Number of messages retweeted works off your messages section of twitter. Engage people on a personal level here and help them out.

Message retweeted – Number of your messages retweeted on the network. Again talk to people one on one through twitter messages.

Total Likes – How many times one of your tweets have been Favorited.

Total Comments – Number of Replies back to your tweets. Consider engaging people one on one with a @TheirTwitterID

Unique Likers – How many unique people Favored your tweets.

Unique Commenters – Unique people who have commented back to your tweets.

Klout has recently expanded on this to now include Facebook and LinkedIn.

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