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What To Do After You Publish Your Blog Post
October 5, 2015

With so many blogs our there it can be a serious challenge to getting your content out there and to the right people. However there are certain things you can do to help this after you click on the publish button for your new blog post.

Remember that old movie “Field Of Dreams” from back in 1989 where the famous quote of all time is “Build it and they will come” This used to be the case for websites and blogs years ago. However no matter how great your content is if you do not put forth the effort to get it out there it will be over looked.

Building Your Social Network Empire

Social is one of the most powerful ways to getting your blogs content out there and quickly. Facebook, Twitter, IMLoop, Google +, LinkedIn and others are great for having content shared. Consider picking up a plugin for your blog which allows for easy sharing of your content. Have these share icons easy to access at all times. A new plugin which I love and currently use on the site is called WarfarePlugins and comes with a boat load of cool features.

This was something I recently updated from my old plugin for social sharing which become optimized and a cluttered mess on my page. With WarfarePlugins I can be sure that the code is up to date and loaded with awesome features I can use to track and get more shares for my blogs content.

What networks do I like the best for sharing content?

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and yes even Stumble Upon

I mentioned this in another post of mine the other day but felt it fit here well. Another site I use to increase engagement and connect with a community. That site being has made it fun and low cost for truly building a social following filled with engagement.

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