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What to do with your RSS feed
July 21, 2010
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Now that your feed is displaying its full content lets go over a few ways to increase your RSS subscribers.

Don’t display the feed count when its small – People are drawn to popular crowds, by displaying your feed count when its below 100 or even 1,000 people are often turned away and see no point in joining your rss feed. Its like when your at the mall and you see one store that has 50 people in it and right next to it a store with no one in it. Most if not everyone visiting that mall would be drawn to the store with 50 people in it and not bother with the one with no one in it.

Make sure your RSS feed is visible – Your RSS feed should be clear and above the fold. You can see an example of this right here on this blog in the top right corner of the page. You have two different options here: 1.Subscribe to the feed via email. This will send you one email per day with all the updates I have added to this blog.  2.You can click on the big RSS button to subscribe to it with your own web based service such as my yahoo,page flakes,feed demon and plenty of others.

Simply ask – Ask your readers to subscribe to the content at the bottom of each of your blog posts or within the content itself.

Now some issues that may arise here are that your RSS readers never visit your blog. This is because they are getting the full content of your blog already via your RSS feed. However there are many ways to draw your new RSS readers to visit your blog.

Turn on Feedburner FeedFlare – This simple function in Feedburner allows the RSS subscriber to see how many people have commented on the blog post they are reading. If they wish to read the comments they are going to have to visit your blog by clicking on the link. This draws in some RSS subscribers to see what all the talk is about.

Link to old posts – I often times try and do this when I have a few blog posts. I link over to an older article of mine which explains in more detail of the topic I am currently writing about. The RSS reader will have to click on the link and visit your blog in order to read your older post. This also helps with SEO, helping search engines to crawl your older posts and find them easier.

This post gives you everything you need to start building up your RSS subscribers. Be sure to keep up to date with my blog by subscribing to it.

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