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Why Pay For Tracking When The Best is FREE
September 17, 2013

Many people end up tracking their results with some type of third party software or tracking service. They use these services for tracking sign ups, visitors to sites, conversion rates and more. Often these services cost a good deal of money and lack in details compared to a tracking service that has been around for a long time. This traffic service that is free to use is called Google Analytics. The issue is most people do not understand the inner workings of their analytics account.

Google Analytics is a freeware program from Google that will track everything from payper click ads, visitors, referral traffic, search engine results, email messages and even links within Word and PDF files. This honestly is the only tracking program that gives you this amount of detail and its simple to set up. These metrics which if followed aid in improving your website, Monitoring factors like conversion rates, number of backlinks, level of engagement all help improve your search engines results.

Lets go over a few of the most important factors to look at after setting up your Google Analytics accounts

Conversion Rate – These are rates of which tracks viewers who perform an action on the site. These actions can be made to be anything such as staying on the site for longer then one minute, joining your site, purchase your product, commenting on a post, visiting a set number of pages on your site before leaving and more.

Visitor/ Visitor Type – It’s important to know that once someone visits your site the chances of them coming back are slim. However this program will track your returning visitors along with your new visitors.

Bounce Rate – this is the rate at which visitors are coming to your site but taking no action and leaving. The lower this rate is the better. Try to come up with ways to engage all of your visitors to take some form of action.

Time on Site – measures how long a user has been on your site. If your run a blog a longer time on site means they are reading your blog post and more likely to comment or share the post. This is a good measurement to figure out if your writing skills are sucking people in or chasing them away.

Traffic Source – When I first set up my account I will be honest I was shocked! It’s pretty crazy to see how people find your site and often times it can open up new ideas and also marketing ventures once you see from where your visitors are coming to your site.

Geographical Summary – It’s a good idea to know where your main audience is. This map will show you the percentages of where your visitors are coming from. Do your best to make your site readable in many languages.

Custom Variables – Have something you want to track but the system is not yet? You can come up with any number of custom tracking variables to make sure your getting the data you need. Every website is unique and its demands are unique this option will allow you to customize your tracking to your every need.


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  • Casey says:

    Nice article. I just set this up and will give them a try. Free is always good!