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Why You Need To Be Running A Giveaway If You Blog
June 4, 2019

As a blogger you may have noticed the last few years that traffic from SEO has dropped off and that you just don’t get the same exposure as you once use to.

Things have changed and one of the key ways to adapt to this and continue building a strong blog is by creating giveaways on your blog.

The first thing you need is a solid platform in which to build your giveaway and track it. The system I use to run my own is called

As you can see from the screenshot below every 2 weeks I average about 2,000 unique people entering my giveaway and some times nearly double that when running a larger giveaway.

If you need ideas about running your own giveaway check out these great blog posts

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=> How To Create A Giveaway That Goes Viral
=> How To Announce Your Giveaway Winners

These posts will greatly help you in planning your giveaway for success.

When planning your giveaway keep these key factors in mind.

What is your goal ?
More readers, subscribers, followers etc. be sure to incorporate that into the giveaway entries

Your Prize ?
Do you want to target it to certain interests? Then come up with a product that those people would want to win.
If you are looking to just build mass however then consider something like a giftcard that nearly everyone would want to win.

What To Do Once Your Giveaway Is Created and Live

Just because you built it does not mean it is going to go viral and get you thousands of entries. You need to do some promotion yourself and invest some money into your giveaway.

There are a number of sites that offer great services to promote your giveaway and one of those places is called GiveawayMachine.

You can submit your giveaway at Submit Giveaway To GiveawayMachine

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