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WordPress Settings and Plugins for 2015
January 7, 2015

When it comes to WordPress the amount of plugins and custom features you can do with it can be overwhelming. Each year I like to review what plugins I use and see what basic settings I have changed to further help my blog grow.

Basic settings for your WordPress Blog…

One of the most important things I think for setting up your blog are making your links SEO friendly to help search engines know exactly what your content is and to make it more appealing to searchers.

 Within WordPress on the left hand menu is a section called settings. On here is a setting for Permalinks. By selecting Post name you effectively turn your link from some ugly counted number to the title of your blog post further helping with SEO and targeting your keywords. It is one of the most simple yet powerful tools WordPress offers but few know how to set it up.





My top plugins are…

Akismet – Sadly this is required if you ask me. With so much spam and trash being spread online your comment section of your blog posts will quickly be abused without this plugin. This little plugin helps save you massive amounts of time by blocking spam right away and time is money.

AA’s Digg Digg Alternative – Out of all the social share plugins this one has been my favorite and you will see it currently running on the left hand side of this blog post. The social share icons will follow you down the page allowing your visitors a quick way to share your content on many popular social networks.

WordPress SEO – take your SEO one step further and really start to get nerdy with it with this powerful SEO tool. Contains on-page content analysis, XML sitemaps and more!

PopUp Domination – The single most powerful tool to building my email list. Over 75,000 new subscribers where pushed though this method on my blogs in 2014!

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