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Writing Subject Lines That Get Real Results
May 11, 2012

With any type of advertising online you only have a few seconds to grab someones attention. These few seconds are what’s going to keep the visitor around long and eventually buy from you or just shrug it off and move on. This is where writing killer subject lines that deliver comes into play.

Things Not To Do

Don’t over dramatize – There is no reason to shout in your emails LAST CHANCE!!!!! ONLY 24 HOURS LEFT!!!!

Using the wrong words in your subject line can have harmful effects. Not only can it land your email into the dreaded spam folder but it could also result in your business losing customers. There are a few things to look out for when creatingyour subject lines . Avoid heavy punctuation, all capital letters, symbols, hard sales pitches, misleading subject lines and words that are associated with spam such as “free”, “limited-time offer”  and “amazing”.

On the other hand you don’t want to make your subject lines to generic such as “July Newsletter” your goal is to get your readers to open your email and then to interact with it.

Things To Do

Catchy but to the point – Top 10 affiliate marketers 48 hours discount act now

When creating your subject line think of it as a movie line. It should be intriguing but not to explanatory, just enough to grab your attention and get you to read on for more details.

Tracking is also very important. You should always be tracking your open rates and your link clicks for each email. This will help you find out what’s working and what’s not. By gathering this information you can expand on the subject lines that work and try to beat out your old open rates.

… and always remember the best subject line is the one you haven’t written yet. Grab some paper or open that notepad file and start getting creative. If you feel you have a real winner please share it with me in a comment below.

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  • PaydaysDaily says:

    I enjoyed this nugget of wisdom Sean “the best subject line is the one you haven’t written yet”.

    Thanks for that, and for a great article!

  • Paul says:


    Thanks for this short but vital tip. I send all my AR mails to myself first to test them out and noticed last night that at least one of them says [suspected spam]. So trying to come up with a new subject line.